Frequently Asked Questions

What is Depth Psychotherapy?

Depth psychotherapy values self-awareness. Many of us are wounded with core conflicts that have no name. When these issues remain unconscious, they manifest as symptoms and unwanted habits that affect our relationships, career, and life. Struggles with the psyche can open us to deeper meaning.

The focus of depth psychotherapy is on life-long growth, life meaning, and creating intimacy in interpersonal relationships.

What are Expressive Arts Therapies?

Expressive arts therapy works under the assumption that humans can heal through the use of imagination and creative expression. It is the intentional use of artistic creations, including painting, clay, movement, sound, poetry, sand tray, storytelling, and creative writing to engage the unconscious mind, access unaware resources, and gain spontaneity. The emphasis is in the process of art-making and imagination instead of the finished product.

What is Embodied Dreamwork?

Dreams have been used as a tool for healing throughout history. I am trained in embodied dreamwork by Robert Bosnak. Embodied dreamwork is a non-interpretative method of working with dreams. The client is asked questions, as if the dream were occurring in the present, such as "what is the light in the dream room?" The images are explored from the ego and non-ego perspective. By experiencing the feelings produced in the body from the multiple dream images, the client becomes aware of ambiguities and facilitates being less reactive to external cues.

How do depth and expressive arts work in healing?

The core issues are approached through empathic listening, embodied dreamwork, and expressive arts. As the process unfolds, one learns to be mindful of reactive patterns and how the symptoms may become allies instead of enemies. Usually, the person gains depth, inner strength, agency, more intimacy, and learns to live with the ambiguities of life.